Evrydiki BA 2O37 (Greek: Ευριδίκη Î'Î' 2Ο37) is a 1975 Greek-West German co-production black-and-white dramatic experimental independent surrealist underground art film directed by Nikos Nikolaidis, his debut feature film.


Evrydiki BA 2O37

Despite a lukewarm reaction by viewers, critics appreciated the innovative perspective on the classic Greek tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice and noted the originality of Nikolaidis' artistic techniques. It is characteristic that Nikolaidis himself believed Evrydiki BA 2O37 to be his best film.

André Z. Labarrére and Olivier Labarrére, authors of Atlas du cinéma, wrote that the film was one of the "New Greek Cinema" films that "radically transformed the panorama."

For this film, Nikolaidis won the Best Director Award, the Greek National Ministry of Culture Award, as well as the Athens Film Critics Association Best Picture Award at the Thessaloniki Festival of Greek Cinema in September 1975, where Marie-Louise Bartholomew, who was involved in the production of the film, also won the Best Set Designer Award, and Andreas Andreadakis, who was involved in the editing of the film, also won the Best Editor Award.


Evrydiki BA 2O37
  • Vera Tschechowa as Eurydice
  • John Moore as Man
  • Niki Triantafillidi as Woman
  • Manolis Logiadis


Evrydiki BA 2O37

Further reading

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