Lili Marleen is a 1981 West German drama film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and starring Hanna Schygulla.

The screenplay was produced using the autobiographical novel Der Himmel hat viele Farben (The Heavens Have Many Colors) by Lale Andersen. However, according to Lale Andersen's last husband, Arthur Beul, the film's plot bore little relation to her real life.


Lili Marleen (film)

The film is set during the Third Reich and is about the forbidden love between the German singer Willie (Hanna Schygulla) and the Swiss Jewish composer Robert Mendelssohn (a character based on Rolf Liebermann), who actively seeks to help an underground group of German Jews.


Lili Marleen (film)
  • Hanna Schygulla as Willie
  • Giancarlo Giannini as Robert
  • Mel Ferrer as David Mendelsson
  • Karl-Heinz von Hassel as Henkel
  • Erik Schumann as von Strehlow
  • Hark Bohm as Taschner
  • Gottfried John as Aaron
  • Karin Baal as Anna Lederer
  • Christine Kaufmann as Miriam
  • Udo Kier as Drewitz
  • Roger Fritz as Kauffmann
  • Rainer Will as Bernt
  • Raúl Gimenez as Blonsky
  • Adrian Hoven as Ginsberg
  • Willy Harlander as Prosel

Awards and nominations

Lili Marleen (film)

Of the 23 theatrical films that Fassbinder directed, Lili Marleen was the only one that Germany submitted to the Academy to be considered for a Best Foreign Language Film nomination (the film, while a German production, was one of the few that Fassbinder shot in English). Ultimately, the film was not nominated.

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Lili Marleen (film)
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Lili Marleen (film)

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Lili Marleen (film)
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Lili Marleen (film)

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