Strange Wilderness is a 2008 comedy-adventure film produced by Adam Sandler's production company, Happy Madison Productions for Paramount Pictures, and starring Steve Zahn, Allen Covert, Justin Long, Kevin Heffernan, and Jonah Hill. The film received negative reviews and was a box office bomb, only making nearly $7 million against a $20 million budget.


Strange Wilderness

Peter Gaulke is the host of an unsuccessful nature program called Strange Wilderness. When the show is threatened with cancellation, he goes in search of the elusive bigfoot in order to restore ratings.


  • Steve Zahn as Peter Gaulke
  • Allen Covert as Fred Wolf
  • Justin Long as Junior
  • Jonah Hill as Lynn Cooker
  • Robert Patrick as Gus Hayden
  • Ashley Scott as Cheryl
  • Harry Hamlin as Sky Pierson
  • Ernest Borgnine as Milas
  • Jeff Garlin as Ed Lawson
  • Kevin Heffernan as Whitaker
  • John Farley as a mountain doctor
  • Peter Dante as Danny Guiterrez
  • Oliver Hudson as TJ / animal handler
  • Blake Clark as Dick
  • Seth Rogen as a ranger in a helicopter (voice)

Critical reception

The film received highly negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 2% rating with an average reviewer rating of 2.2/10 based on 45 reviews with the consensus: "Strange Wilderness is a laugh-free comedy that's both aimless and overly crass." At Metacritic, it was given a 12% (ranking "overwhelming dislike") based on 12 reviews, placing it at 63rd place for the worst-reviewed films ever.


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Strange Wilderness

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