Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is a 2008 American comedy film written and directed by Malcolm D. Lee and distributed by Universal Pictures. The film features an ensemble cast featuring: Martin Lawrence, Nicole Ari Parker, Margaret Avery, Michael Clarke Duncan, Mike Epps, Mo'Nique, Cedric the Entertainer, Louis CK and James Earl Jones.


Dr. R.J. (Roscoe) Stevens (Martin Lawrence) is a talk-show sensation who has discarded his simple Southern awkward-boy past and the awkward boy he used to be to dispense motivational advice to millions of adoring fans. With reality TV series Survivor winner Bianca Kittles (Joy Bryant) on his arm and enough cash in his pocket to easily afford expensive gifts for his parents, he feels like there's nothing he hasn't achieved.

When his parents request that he come home for their 50th wedding anniversary, R.J. packs up his 10-year-old son Jamaal (Damani Roberts) and his fiancée Bianca and heads back to his sleepy Southern hometown. Ready to impress his down-home kin with how much he’s changed, R.J. will prove he’s no longer the walking disaster they used to pick on. When they arrive in Georgia, he is first greeted by his cousin Reggie (Mike Epps), who asks him for $300 to buy ice for the family barbecue. At the family home, Roscoe is greeted by his parents, Roscoe Sr. (James Earl Jones) and Mama Jenkins (Margaret Avery); his brother Otis (Michael Clarke Duncan), the town sheriff; Otis' wife Ruthie (Liz Mikel) and their overgrown kids Junior (Brandin Jenkins) and Callie (Krystal Marea Braud); and Roscoe's loud, rowdy sister Betty (Mo'Nique). Before long, Roscoe's cousin Clyde (Cedric the Entertainer) drops in, bringing the old spark of competition-with Roscoe. He is also escorting Lucinda, a past love interest of Roscoe's.

During the visit, Roscoe endures much self-humiliation and accidentally hitting his mother in the head with a softball during a softball game, getting beat up by Otis and Betty after he insults them, constantly getting blackmailed by Reggie, and getting sprayed by a skunk while sleeping. It becomes obvious that he still holds a grudge against his father for how he treated him when he was younger, such as showing such preference for Clyde that he wouldn't even fully discipline him. Roscoe Sr. resents his son for changing his name and distancing himself from his family. Meanwhile, Bianca doesn't fit in well with the family, and Roscoe and Lucinda get reacquainted.

On the day of the Jenkins' anniversary, the whole family gathers for the traditional Jenkins-family obstacle course. Roscoe is determined to defeat Clyde, and the two become even more competitive. As the race begins, Roscoe and Clyde aggressively make their way through the obstacles sometimes hurting themselves and other contestants. While climbing over a wall with ropes, Roscoe begins to help his son over, but Bianca tells him to leave him, and he does, to his parents' shock. Roscoe and Clyde race to the finish line, and Roscoe wins. As Bianca cheers for him, Roscoe overjoyed by the victory begins to berate everyone reminding them that it is all about "the team of me" (him). The family is angry about his actions during the obstacle course and Jamaal refuses to go near his father, and Roscoe Sr. chastises his son. Unable to contain his resentment, Roscoe lashes out at his father, saying that although Clyde's father died, he Roscoe felt he lost his father because he favored Clyde over him, and he chastises him for always crediting Clyde for things he's done while never acknowledging any of his successes or accomplishments. Stunned and distraught by this admission, Roscoe Sr. walks away, feelings hurt. Clyde walks up to Roscoe and says he would never have tried to take his place. He tries to shake Roscoe's hand to make amends, but Bianca tells him to back off, and Roscoe decides he, Bianca, and Jamaal should start for home. Before he leaves, his mother reminds him that his family still loves him. As they drive to the airport, Bianca proposes not inviting the family to their wedding. Roscoe seems to agree, which upsets Jamaalâ€"despite Bianca wanting him to get on board the "Team of Me," he proudly declares himself a Jenkins. Bianca continues to say mean things about the Jenkins clan and Roscoe pretends to agree with her, but at the airport he thanks her for finally letting him see her true colors, and then he dumps her. Angrily, feeling humiliated by Roscoe and Jamaal, she gets out of the car. As they pull away from the airport, he pulls the rope holding her bags on top of the car, dumping them into the airport driveway. Roscoe and Jamaal head back to the family home, keeping Bianca's pet Pomeranian, who had turned against Bianca and joined the Jenkins clan.

During the anniversary celebration, Clyde cries during his speech for Mama and Papa Jenkins, admitting that he cared a lot about Roscoe. Roscoe suddenly appears, apologizes to his family, and congratulates his parents. He and his father make amends, then Roscoe asks Lucinda to dance. After the celebration, the family watches it on a hi-def television while Roscoe and Lucinda make loveâ€"but find a nasty surprise. During the credits, Roscoe is seen interviewing his family on his show, renamed The Roscoe Jenkins Show.


Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
  • Martin Lawrence as Dr. RJ Stevens/Roscoe Steven Jenkins, Jr.: a famous talk show host.
  • Joy Bryant as Bianca Kittles: a former Survivor contestant and R.J.'s ex-fiance. The secondary antagonist of the film.
  • James Earl Jones as Roscoe Steven "Papa" Jenkins, Sr.: Roscoe's father and patriarch of the Jenkins family.
  • Margaret Avery as Mama Jenkins: Roscoe's mother.
  • Mike Epps as Reggie Jenkins: Roscoe's cousin
  • Mo'Nique as Betty Jenkins: RJ's younger sister
  • Cedric the Entertainer as Clyde Stubbs: RJ's wealthy cousin and nemesis. The main antagonist.
  • Nicole Ari Parker as Lucinda Allen: RJ's childhood crush.
  • Michael Clarke Duncan as Otis Jenkins: RJ and Betty's older brother.
  • Liz Mikel as Ruthie Jenkins: Otis's wife.
  • Brooke Lyons as Amy: Reggie's girlfriend
  • Louis C.K. as Marty: RJ's agent
  • Niecy Nash as Cameo


The movie was filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana, near Bossier City, Louisiana.

Box office

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

In its opening weekend at the North American box office, the film grossed $16.2 million USD, opening at #2 behind Fool's Gold.

Critical reception

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

The film received largely negative reception from critics. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives a score of 22% based on 82 reviews. Metacritic gives the film an average score of 46%, based on 26 reviews.

Home release

The film was released on DVD June 17, 2008 and in the UK May 30, 2008.


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Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

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